In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable event, there are some rules to which we must adhere.  By following  the code of conduct, there won't be a need to escort anyone out of the festival.  This is a fundraising event for a K-8 charter school, so please be respectful to each other, and a good role-model for the kids. 

Festival Rules

Outside food and beverages 

Is not permitted.  There will be plenty of reasonably priced food and beverage options.

No Videoing.  

Enjoy your time with those you are with!  No need to watch the show through a viewfinder.

No Alcohol

outside of marked areas.  Who's going to want to leave the beer garden anyway?

No Smoking 

in the festival area.  There will be a designated smoking area.

No Illegal Drug use

its Illegal.

No Pets

As much fun as they are, please do not bring any pets to the festival as they won't be let in.  

Service animals are more than welcome!