If there were such a distinction, Mike Wofchuck would be Chico’s “drummer laureate.” Since the 43-year-old Bay Area native came to Chico in 1988 to attend Chico State, he’s provided a wide range of beats for some of the area’s most popular musical acts. He was the original drummer for Chico’s favorite musical sons, The Mother Hips; he’s the unassuming third member for MaMuse, with Chico’s favorite musical daughters, Karisha Longaker and Sarah Nutting; and in recent years he’s been bandleader for Wolf Thump, the 11-person samba drumline—which features the women of MaMuse, plus an eclectic collection of local artists and musicians, including David “Dragonboy” Sutherland, Ayrian Dilts, Cameron Scott and Evin Wolverton, among others—that is the wildly beating heart of every festival, concert and community event that they show up to.

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